How to change the Instagram logo icon [Updated: October 2020]

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For its birthday celebration Instagram has decided to allow you to pick one of its old logos for your app icon. Further down in this article I also share why companies should never use social media logos including the Instagram logo in their physical marketing materials.

You can choose any of these icons in October 2020 – most of them older Instagram logos.

Instagram logo options

Instagram logo options

And here’s how to get to this area in your Instagram account. Go to settings, then pull the screen down and you get the options.

Instagram logo change

Instagram logo


Here’s why to never use social media icons (aka logos) in your (printed) marketing

If you’ve ever been at a company that changed its logo you know how much work is involved when the powers that be decide the logo needs to be updated.

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Often the logo is found for months down the road. Also: Yup, we’ll update it on this just bought vehicle when we need a new one.

As much work as that is now imagine having to update other company logos in your marketing materials when they update their logos – which is a decision even more out of your control.

This is a real problem out there with companies of all sizes when they slapped social media logos on their posters, fliers, even business cards. Why, why, why? No idea, but it’s a problem.

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In 2016, Instagram changed its logo from this:

To this:

Love it or hate it, it’s not our decision. But it’s our decision to print it on posters, the back of trucks and wherever to show the world we are social we know how to sign up for accounts.

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But now there are all these outdated logos out there. They are everywhere. Even four years later I still see the 2016 logo on vehicles and other physical things.

As a marketer, my recommendation would be to not even promote all these networks. That’s free advertising for them anyway, you know? We have enough work with our own marketing.

Do this on physical marketing materials instead

On printed pieces, add one call to action. If you want people to call, add a phone number. Want them to visit your website, add that. Want them to sign onto your WiFi, make that the call to action. Want them to just look, make it pretty and memorable. Consider augmented reality or QR code’s, which are making a comeback in 2020.

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Author Sam Horn joined me on this podcast livestream to talk about how brands can stand out.

I can see all the brand police officers out there being upset about not using social logos. But: Somebody got the budget to get all this stuff printed with the logos but now there’s no budget to replace it.

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Does it matter though? It depends. If you are selling anything in the social media vertical it’s a credibility killer. How can you run a good social media strategy which depends on adjusting to change if you still use an outdated logo?

A poster at the airport – it might not be that big of a deal there except us marketing people notice.

Either way, it’s easier to not use other networks’ logos and focus on marketing ourselves.

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This article includes content written in 2018, which was updated in October 2020. New content was also added.