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Instagram: How to create a video out of your Instagram Story

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I like Instagram Stories to share pictures and videos from throughout the day but that don't necessarily have to be to the same level of storytelling as regular Instagram posts.

Instagram Stories, of course, delete after 24 hours, but there are a few ways to extend those stories' life.

You can:

  • share Stories videos or photos on an individual basis as posts.
  • save individual videos and pictures and share them anywhere you want.
  • save all segments of a Story from the last 24 hours in one video and then share that on other networks.

Here's a negative WordPress upload of my recent Stories video:

It worked fine and looked fine when I tested it on my iPhone about a day and a half before this published. So we'll see if it
still looks good when you all get it later.

The YouTube version can be found here.Since Instagram Stories shoots vertically, that's also how the video gets uploaded to YouTube, which looks much better with horizontal videos – as a general rule of thumb.

Of course, if I watch the video on my phone it looks just fine being shot horizontally. The same is true for the Facebook and Twitter version. It worked fine on those networks as well. Interestingly the video does not work as a straight up Instagram post. You can actually move it around but since Instagram posts are square the higher horizontal video won't fit completely.

So that's kind of interesting: you can re-purpose an Instagram Story on many networks except Instagram. 😂🙄

How to save your Instagram Story

Let's walk through the steps of how to save your Instagram Story as a video. And in this case when I say video basically it's all the pictures and if you shot video the video strung together as a video file.

Step one of course is to take some photos and/or video in your Instagram Story.

Make sure that the media assets in the story actually make sense in the order that they're in. For example, before I saved my travel day story I waited another hour so an older image that really had nothing to do with the travel day from yesterday could cycle out.

Once you're done with your live Instagram Story, click on the little dots in the bottom right corner.

That gives you this option:

Click on save and then you can either save a specific photo that you're currently viewing or the entire story:

If you click on "save story" it will create the video collage and save it to your camera roll:

From there, you can upload it to all the different networks.

So it's a real easy process if you wanted to use Instagram Stories in your authentic storytelling content marketing mix and then re-purpose further from there.

Some more photos and one more story from our Maine trip

Sidebar story

We took a boat tour around the harbor and somebody carried seven or so large pizzas on board. I assumed they were going to sell us pieces of pizza. But then interestingly never came around.

Turns out the pizza was for an island where the tour made a stop and where a number of families are spending their summers. Only walking is allowed on that island and two man came up to the boat to pick up the pizzas which they had ordered from the mainland for a gathering of people.

Given that that tour had taken 30 minutes by then and the pizza was sitting at the dock for another 15 minutes maybe I have no idea how the pizza could still be warm by the time it got there.

But if you live on a residential island and want pizza it does have to come from somewhere.

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life!

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