Influencer marketing: Behind-the-scenes stories work and here’s why!

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Disclaimer:” We bought our own tickets but were able to be on the field and the diamond as part of my daughter’s elementary school activities.

The Single A team in Cedar Rapids – the Kernels – invites elementary school kids to:

  • Sing ? the national anthem 
  • Carry out the oversized ?? flag in the outfield 
  • Stand behind the players during the anthem
  • High five players when they run out 

Of course, parents come along. Mr. Supervisor at your service! Ha. 

And I – the adult – thought it was exciting. Being in the dugout, on the diamond, etc. 

Dugout selfie: 


The daughter and the mascot: 

I even did a Facebook Live!

But what does this have to do with storytelling? Behind-the-scenes stories are worth sharing:

  • The creators document them because they are different 
  • Not everyone else gets to experience them – which sets them up to be consumed by others who care about the topic

This concept especially can also be applied to influencer marketing. If your company hires or works with influencers (aka social correspondents) give them more access. Make a plan. 

Details on how to hire me as a social media correspondent for your event.

Social influencers can helps brands hype their events and share things that others can’t share. Let’s take this game as an example. All kinds of people are sharing selfies and pictures from the stands. But I only saw one from the dugout. It’s unique. I was even kind of excited to take it! 

And unique stories are most interesting. The same concept can be applied at events by influencers:

  • Give them story ideas  based on your business goals and their audience.
  • Then give them access to people, products, whatever that isn’t as easy to access by others.
  • Maybe have them offer access to others, a signed piece of memorabilia, whatever.
  • Allow them to share content around it! Authentic content! 

Before starting, think about the mediums. What’s best?

  • Live video (promote it)
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook
  • A blog post
  • Something else?

Maybe all of the above. While at the Kernels game I just kind of made up the flow as things happened:

  • Selfie 
  • 360
  • Texts to wife with pictures
  • Facebook Live 
  • Blog post 

(I did look up at times! Thanks for the concern. ??)

But what if the Kernels and I (or whomever) had come up with a plan? Let’s do this, then that, then this hire thing. 

 It could be highly relevant for all involved. Of course, the Kernels didn’t even know I was here with my daughter and that’s not the point of the program, but you can see what I mean. Influencer marketing programs cost money. Planning can help set us up that the money is used in the best and most planful way. 

I wrote this from the stands by the way. See,  I couldn’t wait to share it. ??? Those are the stories worth going after.