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inbound marketingInbound marketing is the term used when marketers create content that people find. Consumers and potential customers come to a business website by actively searching for information – often to help them solve a problem or answer a question that they have.

Outbound marketing on the other hand involves getting your message in front of people where they are now. This includes more traditional methods, like TV commercials, newspaper ads and other paid promotions. Inbound marketing techniques on the other hand can include podcasts, videos, blog posts and social media.

The key with these newer inbound marketing techniques is that the content shared through them has to be relevant to consumers. The outbound technique of a TV commercial is not relevant to all viewers, though it might appeal to some. Inbound marketing techniques work only when they are relevant. Usually, they should not be written or produced in marketing speak. Instead they should be educational, conversational and helpful.

Inbound marketing can be a powerful tool to connect with people who are showing an interest in what an organization has to offer through Googling for something very specific.

“The more authentic, helpful and trustworthy our stories are, the more likely people are to connect with us.” – @ctrappe Tweet this

Good inbound marketing projects also include relevant call to actions, which range from allowing people to follow you on social media, sign up for your email newsletter or offer the sale of a product.