If you don’t respond to follow-up messages this is for you… [COMMUNICATIONS]

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Here’s the scenario: 

Recruiter/ conference planner/ media person/ etc. reaches out to me with a question for availability, pricing or to chat about an opportunity. 

I respond quickly. I like to think it’s my thing. 

  • I’m available. Here’s a budget range.
  • I can offer that service. Hop on a call?

And then nothing. They forgot about me. 

I’m not crying about it, guys. I get it – we are busy. Me, too. And it’s slightly different on my outbound email marketing canpaigns, which looks like this:

  • You are on my list or in a segment.
  • I email you an update or an offer.
  • A smaller percentage responds but some don’t.

In outbound marketing it’s expected. I’m the first contact on the current communication. It’s a delight when people do respond here. 

Once I emailed a smaller group of people time-limited deals on content marketing strategy packages. 

Some responded: “Thanks for the email. Maybe in the fall.”

I don’t except those replies at all but they are kind of nice.

It’s different on inbound, which often looks like this:

  • Somebody stumbled across my blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever 
  • Somebody mentioned my name to them 
  • They read my book 

And they then reach out to ask to hire me for something. I respond as quickly as possible and then nothing. 

Some bosses do this too, though not mine. ??? No response is a response too, but here’s what I do in these instances: 

I move you into my outbound efforts. 

  • Hello, just wanted to make sure you received my email. 
  • Hello, I’m still available. 
  • And then a month after the event (in the case of an event): Hello. I hope the event went great. Can we confirm next year?

Sometimes they send me a code to register cheaper. Huh?

Sometimes they sent me a form letter on why it didn’t work out. I can’t complain about this one as I use templates for much of my responses too. 

I’m really not complaining but my intent here is to remind all of us that responding to people is one of the easiest way to keep future relationships positive. 

We may never have a future relationship? I wouldn’t bet on it. The global economy is getting smaller and more connected. I’ve gone to Europe and they know somebody o worked with in the Americas. ? 

It’s really quite easy to reply:

Thanks for your quote and for holding those dates. We have decided to go a different route due to budge/programming/internal politics. Let’s talk in the fall or never! ?

I don’t really expect anyone to list internal politics but that would definitely give them authenticity points if listed and true. 

Have I been perfect? Of course not. Email can be overwhelming at times. Web contact us form emails aren’t working at times. The list of real reasons goes on why people  neglected to respond. When I realized I’ve done it, I apologized – which didn’t help me win the contract, but at least I wasn’t a jerk or non-responsive.

Responding builds relationships!

Just like having a smiling attitude, a quick note doesn’t take that much effort!