I saw a plastic surgeon after losing 100-plus pounds

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before and afterAfter losing 100-some pounds, I was convinced that I need to have my stomach stapled or tucked. Looking down at my stomach, I saw skin flapping around – at least from my perspective that’s how it appeared.

I wondered what I could do about that and started researching plastic surgeons in Eastern Iowa. Based on social media recommendations, and what I found by searching Google, I ended up making a consultation appointment with Dr. Charles Grado in Cedar Rapids to learn about my options, recovery time, etc.

Walking into the Plastic Surgical Center in northeast Cedar Rapids, I expected to hear about weeks of recovery, not being able to lift and other impacts on my daily life moments. But still, I thought, this was worth checking into. When Dr. Grado came in we had a nice chat and once I took my shirt off he asked:

“What do you do for abs?”

“Umm, abs.”


I took that as a compliment.

Seriously, he said, you don’t need surgery. You have a little bit of extra skin there, he explained, but the few thousand dollars in surgery cost – not covered by insurance – won’t be worth it, he explained.

Talk about a relationship builder. He recommended against me undergoing a procedure that would have made him money. That’s great and the right thing to do in this case.

slim shirtsHe suggested that I could try wearing these instaslim shirts since they might help with the minimal extra skin that I do have.

So, I’m trying that. We’ll see.

Overall, I appreciate his honesty, guidance and willingness to make the recommendation that was best for me as his patient.