Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

I don’t need better content. I need more relevant content.

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That doesn’t mean I think content marketers should skimp on quality. They shouldn’t. Quality is super important. And yes, there’s plenty of crummy content out there. There’s also plenty of good and even great content out there.

There are plenty of folks creating quality content. Quality content as in it’s well written. There are no typos. Correct grammar is used. It might even be a great story. Hats off to quality content creators.

But something isn’t quite right with the content. It’s not relevant at all. It’s even wasting my time. It’s causing me to be annoyed and might even get me to ignore similar headlines, Tweets, whatever the next time. Irrelevant content is what causes sidebar blindness, for example.

It’s not relevant to me. Sure. Maybe I’m not your target audience. But I still saw this high quality piece of content, which bored me.

High quality content is now a requirement. Good enough is no longer good enough.

And the thing we should focus on now is to produce highly relevant for our communities.

First, of course, we need to figure out who that is and what kind of content (aka stories) they would be most interested in.

And just a reminder: Audiences are hardly ever the content producers bosses. Usually.

So, let’s figure our how we can spot and then share those highly relevant and authentic stories that people want and can’t wait to be served up.

I know some content producers who regularly deliver content that I can’t wait to consume. I will read their posts because they have built that trust and relevance over time.

They don’t waste my time so they get my time.

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