Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How will you make your impact?

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Somebody asked me last year: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

I answered: “However I can make the biggest impact on the most people sharing their authentic stories.”

A couple of years ago, I did that at a United Way and helped other nonprofits share their authentic stories. Currently, I do that with hospitals across the United States. I get to travel and help them learn how to spot, craft and then share their authentic stories.

Making an impact is important. How can we leave a lasting impression on a community or communities by using our skills for the larger good?

Getting people to buy one time is not leaving a  lasting impact. Teaching people how to move their marketing message from traditional channels – because people ignored them there – to social media channels, is also not making a meaningful impact.

I want to make a meaningful impact by helping people and organizations to be authentic with each other and build meaningful relationships through their stories.

Imagine if all of our relationships are built only on transactions. You give me a dollar for that service, I give you one dollar for another service. But, what kind of experience is that? Only transactional. It’s a commodity. Many times, I can cut a relationship that is only held together by a transaction.

It’s much harder to cut a relationship if it’s formed around a shared story – a narrative that we believe in together. A story that connects us.

I remember a friend who once declined a job that appeared to be a fantastic career move because his current job – despite less pay – offered a shared story between him and his employer. They were connected, beyond the money, though the money was good.

The same is true for customer-business relationships. It’s easy to cut services that are a commodity. It’s harder to cut services that we feel connected to on a personal level.

Building meaningful relationships through our shared stories is a long-term strategy.

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