How to use Twitter hashtags to find people you actually want to follow

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

Twitter does recommend people to follow and sometimes they are highly relevant and sometimes not so much. 

Connecting with and following the right people can make Twitter quite enjoyable. Following the wrong people – spammers, scammers, meanies, etc. – can make it a pain.

One way to follow people you are likely to care about is to follow conversations around hashtags.

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Some of my favorite ones are #hcsm (Healthcare Social media), #cmworld (Content Marketing World), #contentmarketing, and others. 

Whatever your favorite hashtags might be, go to the search bar and search what people are talking about. Trending hashtags also are shown.

From my iPhone, once I follow the discussion around a hashtag, I often get recommendations of users who are participating (besides the ones whose tweets are right in front of me). In this example below, I can swipe right to view them and can then easily follow them. 

Another example looks like this.

Once I click on “more people” I can view the people and easily follow them. 

Keep in mind that just because somebody is listed as a recommendation that’s not a guarantee that their content will  be meaningful to you. It just means they are using a hashtag for a topic of interest to you.