How to use content marketing to retain current customers

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I hear lots of talk about how content marketing is great to acquire new customers for businesses or patients in healthcare. But one thing that is easily (and often) forgotten is that content marketing can also help us retain current customers.
Some experts and thought leaders out there even compare content marketing to dating. We are getting used to each other. And of course dating (aka the getting used to each other phase) is part of content marketing. But it also helps us maintain and strengthen existing relationships.
So how do we use content marketing to retain current customers?
People who have bought from us or have paid for our services have already demonstrated that they see the value in what we do. They have spoken with their money so to speak.

Here are some ideas on content marketing for customer retention:
Allow them to easily opt into relevant email subscriptions and when you email them make sure content is highly relevant and I hope even personalized based on their interests.
Make sure they know how to connect with you on social media and what they can expect from you there.
Make sure they know about other available resources – like books, blogs and really any other online or offline channels where you might be sharing relevant content.

By continuously sharing relevant and useful content with people we already have connections with actually strengthens those connections even more. From my experience, these connections can be especially strong when people went through these steps on their journey:


As content marketing projects evolve and mature, this is something to keep in mind. It’s not always about only the new customers but also about the current ones and keeping them engaged and connected.
As the saying goes: It’s much more expensive to get a new customer when compared to keeping a current one.
Content marketing can work with both.