How to throttle data usage on your phone when away from WiFi [Content gathering tip]

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The other day I shared with you how content marketers need to really consider creating less multimedia content because of data issues consumers face.

The problem is real and I’ve noticed that especially when I was charged overages for a recent month. That also became more important to me as my 10-year-old and I were heading on a trip to Europe and we wanted to make sure to conserve data. But also have data when needed.

Verizon Wireless actually offered a good-or at least decent-amount of data to use under our domestic plan for $10 per day while traveling abroad.

Since we were planning on taking Ubers and most likely needed directions via one of the GPS apps I thought I probably would need some off-Wi-Fi coverage.

Why content marketers should care!

The information below can also be used by storytellers in the field who do live video, audio or other content gathering that eats up data. This can help get the phone, the data and battery life focused on what currently matters most.

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But did I really need also need to be able to check Twitter, email and other non-essential apps while driving around Paris? Some Paris pictures for a quick reading break:

Probably not. So the easiest way I found to turn those apps off on an iPhone is just to restrict cellular data usage.

How do I do that? I had no idea but went to Settings to find out.

Click on cellular and then scroll to cellular usage which might take a moment to load.

It will then show you all the apps that could potentially be using cellular data.

I turned Lyft off since they didn’t have that in Europe, but I needed Uber available on cell data as we were taking that in Paris.

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Turning cellular data for all these apps off means they can’t be used because they really only do what they do when you have access to the Internet.

It’s slowing down interruptions – which can be helpful to content gatherers – and also saves on data usage.

While I was looking through the settings I also find the setting that allows me to turn off Wi-Fi assist. What that means is that if your Wi-Fi is weak your phone will automatically switch to cell data – unless it’s turned off, which I did now.