Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to talk to the masses but make it feel like personal conversation

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Speeches are different from conversations.

Public writing is different from writing a letter to a friend.

I remember being taught the differences but what if there is no difference and speeches are just like conversations and public writing (like a blog post) is just like writing a letter to a friend?

Sure, don’t share confidential information but why are conversations and personal writings more memorable? Because they are for us and aren’t so formal. They are also often fun.

“I can’t wait to read this formal website, with its organizational tone” is not something anyone has ever said to me.

On the other hand when speakers are personable, they are remembered. This is especially important for top leaders who likely have no time to speak individually to everyone they impact.

So, how do you get there? Some thoughts on speaking first:

Look at the audience – not through it
Make jokes – they have to be funny to that audience
Tell personal stories – but no fluff
Talk to the audience – not at them
Ask questions – and respond to answers
Be aware that you are the entertainment – be entertaining

Stiff is usually not perceived as authentic.

How about writing? The basics apply here, too:

Tell meaningful stories
First-person writing
No lecturing
Get feedback before publishing but no editing by committee, which can turn every word into a compromise
Don’t expect comments but respond when there are some
Offer to listen to people’s thoughts anonymously by email

When all of us – including leaders – are personal and share meaningful and authentic stories we can all be connected more and ultimately this will help our communities and businesses.

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