How to stop getting donation requests on Facebook

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

So now after we said we would quit Facebook over privacy concerns but haven’t Facebook keeps sending us donation request. And of course-as is often the case – it’s hard to turn them off.

Currently when somebody decides to open a donation drive on Facebook for their birthday their friends get notifications to participate AND reminders, which looks like this in the notifications bar:

At the very least you have to acknowledge it to get rid of it. Honestly, I’ve donated to nonprofits for years but I’m not interested in participating in donations on Facebook, dating (another “new” feature Facebook announced at a recent conference) or other games.

At first I looked in settings to turn off all notifications but there’s no option available there, which was also the case with Facebook Live initially.

So here’s how you turn off notifications for donation requests on Facebook. First, you have to wait to actually get a notification. Of course, if you don’t get any this article won’t be that relevant and be happy! If you do get one try to remember how to turn them off if you choose to do that.

Once you get a notification click on those three dots at the right of the notifications which then gives you two options:

  • Hide this notification
  • Turn off reminders for friends’ birthday reminders

Hopefully that does the trick and I will see if donation requests have now stopped on Facebook. But that appears to be the way to do it and is similar to other previous experiences on Facebook.

Update: I’m still getting requests on mobile. Ugh. Continuing to investigate.