How to ship through PayPal

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In the old days – like a year ago when I published “Content Performance Culture” – every time somebody ordered a signed copy, I would sign it, pack it and drive to the post office to mail it. How old school. Then I figured out how to ship through PayPal when I published my new book “Going Live: How to livestream your podcast.”

Here’s how I ship through PayPal and more specifically a signed copy of my book. I don’t even have to leave my house – beyond my mail box – and I can print the shipping label, pay for postage right there from my computer.

Send people your link to order

I simply send people or mention to people my link. This allows me to send them a link that allows them to pay a specific amount.

For example, my link for a signed copy is: (If you like a copy, feel free to use that link now – USA mailing addresses only).

I mention it on my podcast, use it on my book landing page and use it on social media as well. That allows people to order directly! Make sure, your mailing address is correct in your PayPal account. That’s where the book will be sent – especially when using this method.

Find the transaction for the order

Once logged into your PayPal account, find the right transaction. Then Click into it.

Create a mailing label

ship with PayPalOnce you are in the account, scroll down to this area. Here you can:

  • Print packing slip (the receipt basically)
  • Ship
  • Mark as shipped
  • Launch a PayPal multi-order shipping

To create the shipping label, click on “ship.” That gets you to this screen:

ship through PayPal


You’ll have to weigh your package and enter the weight, which I now know as the book and envelope always weigh the same. You can send it different ways, with media mail (switch to it in the service type dropdown) being the cheapest. The shipping cost should be around $3.45 within the United States – at least it is for me from Marion, Iowa.

shipping labelYou can also add a note to the customer that will be sent once you purchase the shipping label. I usually do that and include a note similar to this:

Thanks for your order. It’s being shipped. When you can I would really appreciate for you to consider leaving a review on Amazon about the book as well.

Shipping through PayPal

Usually most of my books are shipped through Amazon, conference talks and even Amazon Lives. Shipping signed copies directly through PayPal using this method has made my life so much easier and saves time. The post office is probably at least a 30-minute roundtrip away and this takes moments.

The biggest negative might be that I can only put one book into my mailbox for our mail carrier to take. So, if I have to send more, I need to keep an eye out for them to stop by and run them out.