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How to protect your (personal) brand in the new digital (and offline) world 

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Everyone now has and is a brand. Some people’s brands are worth following. Others stand for things that don’t align with our own values and some of us  look down on them – or at least disregard them. 

Once you have the brand you want, life’s humming along at a good pace and  you are making meaningful connections, it can be easy to think that we now need to protect the brand. And that’s true, but how do you protect a brand in an ever-evolving and fluid digital world?

People can blog about other people. They can even rate them. I can’t wait for people to start proclaiming that they are a five-star person. Ha. Don’t be friends with him. He’s one-star. Yikes. 

I’ve had people disagree with me – online and offline. Some exchanges throughout my life were positive and some weren’t. One guy from middle school Facebooked once to let me know I wasn’t nice to him back then. Sorry. We learn as we grow (and go). 

But how do I protect my brand – let’s call it the brand of The Authentic Storyteller? Here are some of my guiding principles: 

  • All decisions are made in line with my values – honesty, authenticity, openess, curiosity, learning, empathy, etc. 
  • I try to understand other people’s situations and viewpoints – even when I can’t or won’t budge on my opinion. 
  • I communicate quickly. Yes, sometimes that leads to saying something not vetted or thought-through for 19 days. It does allow me to be authentic. I do reserve the right to change my opinion. 

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Protecting our brand in this still new digital world – which connects more and more with our offline selves – isn’t actually about building up that wall to keep out intruders. It’s about:

  • understanding what we stand for.
  • How we participate publicly.
  • How we explain ourselves. 
  • Knowing when to bow out of a discussion. 
  • Living by our values – relentlessly.
  • Being willing to change our opinion.

I’m protective about my brand, too. Sure. If somebody misquotes me, that can hurt my brand. But I can choose to respond quickly on here or on another channel. But aside from protecting, I’m much more interested in being secure in what my brand stands for and participating in a meaningful way. And when that happens maybe our advocates even protect our brands on our behalf. 


Knowing what others are saying about your brand 

One thing to remember is that it’s good to keep an eye out for what people are saying about us. Some tips on how to do that:

  • See who is linking to your site 
  • Set up Google Alerts for brand mentions 
  • Check mentions on social accounts

The options and tools are endless when it comes to monitoring, but these three easy items are an quick way to stay in the know. 


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