How to post multiple photos in one Instagram Story picture (new Layout feature)

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Instagram Stories comes out with new features all the time. Some get used and others fiddle away.

I still think Stories can be a part of your content strategy. I love how I can share podcasts to it as well.

One recent update in 2020 that Stories rolled out was its new Layout feature.

It’s an easy way to post more than one photo on the screen. Here’s an example:

It’s a nice feature when you have multiple photos that help you to tell a story.

First start a new Stories post and scroll over to the right to Layout.

From there you can choose a number of different layouts.

Layout images can be chosen one of two ways.

Shooting live pictures

That’s what I did in the example above. Sitting in the bleachers at a youth basketball game I took some adjacent shots.

This works well when all scenes for the different pictures are near you.

Adding pictures from your camera roll

Just like has been the case for a while you can add existing images by clicking the plus sign at the bottom.

I’m guessing that brands will use this function. There are likely ways to be creative with this, too.

Have you seen any examples worth sharing? Send them to me here.

I used this function to show as a test two Hubspot certifications I’ve received.

Certainly there are more creative ways. It was just a test.

Can I use Layout in regular Instagram posts?

Not directly from where you would normally start a post, but you can share the Layout Story post as a regular Instagram post.

Once the Story publishes click the three dots in bottom right and Share as Story.

The image dimensions are different but depending on how your Layout photos look it can work. Here’s how mine from above transfer.

It’s certainly a nice feature and another option to tell your stories differently. It’s also a nice way to create a collage type image without having to use an photo editing program.

To use that image outside of Instagram, click the three dots and save.

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