How to move customers from the physical world to online [Marriott example]

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The short answer is: it’s hard. From QR codes to links to vague comments in magazines consumers scream: “Do. Not. Make. Me. Do. Something.”

I don’t even want “bonus” content. I barely liked what I just read. Nonetheless print campaigns and publications need online components.

Side note: If you feel like you want to or need to offer bonus content make sure your base content is worthwhile.

But how do we convert people from the real (aka offline) world to engage with us online?

By giving them something for free or the chance to get something!

The Fairfield – a Marriott brand – did that well on a recent trip to Waterloo. There were those promotion tents on the breakfast tables.

Of course, we read them! They promised a five-night complimentary stay at a Fairfield with airfare also covered.

See, printed materials do work!

You can still register here through May 31, 2019. The winner also gets a bundle of Bonvoy points so make sure you sign up for Bonvoy for free as well.

My wife and I were discussing where we might go if we win. Maybe the northwest of the country. Or East Coast. Haven’t visited those parts much this year.

My 2019 travel so far:

Once I typed in the Fairfield sweepstake URL I was able to simply sign up. Right below the simple signup form I was alerted that the Fairfield also sells luxury hotel bedding.

How timely as we were just talking about how comfortable the pillows were.

I didn’t even know the Fairfield had a store. And now I was scrolling. And (window) shopping.

But $90 for a pillow seemed a little outrages to me. For example, I can buy hotel pillows on Amazon for a third of that cost.

I do assume these are new pillows and not used pillows. Not like how Hertz sells used cars to people. ??

And then as a next step after I signed up and while I was scrolling on the site I also got an email from the Fairfield to let me know that I registered successfully and to remind me of the store again:

Now if their campaign is 100% thought-through they will also hit me with remarketing ads going forward.

“Don’t forget to buy those comfortable pillows for your home.”

Amazon does that all the time and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start serving me ads for the pillows I just looked at on their site as well.

Now a big question that remains is do you even want to stay at the Fairfield by Marriott? It’s certainly not the Ritz-Carlton and I have had mixed experiences but I’ve mostly had positive experiences.

The one my family and I stayed at in Waterloo, Iowa, during a competitive softball tournament weekend was just fine.

We had an executive suite and here’s a shot of my four-year-old hanging out in the living room area:

And the outside:

So overall. This was a decent email and lead gen strategy in my opinion. If you have a physical location think about how you can drive people and their information to you in the digital world. Of course now the Fairfield has my email-which they already had to begin with but now they can use it to market specifically to me.

Of course if I wasn’t a Bonvoy member already they wouldn’t necessarily have my email. So from that perspective this is a good strategy as well.

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