How to manage Instagram comments from within Facebook [SOCIAL MEDIA]

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  • Social media marketer 
  • Instagram business user 
  • Content marketer 

Here’s a new workflow improvement I ran across: You can manage your Instagram comments directly from what I would call a  Facebook Dashboard. Officially it’s called the Inbox.

Here’s how that looks:

Facebook inbox Here’s how you get there. Use this URL setup:

Obviously, replace my page name with your page’s name. 

I ended up on this page kind of  by mistake. 

  • Somebody was commenting on a picture. 
  • The comment notification showed in my Facebook notifications so naturally I clicked. 
  • And was greeted by the view pictured above. 

Ugh. Why did Facebook change this layout, I thought? I wondered if I somehow ended up on the mobile version. 
I responded to the comment and moved on. Hours later I finally realized I had responded to a photo on Instagram but was doing that from within Facebook. 

Cool ? ??? now that I knew. So I dug deeper to see what else I could do from that inbox. 

Facebook inbox
As you see on the far left you can respond to Facebook messages, comments and Instagram comments. 

That’s cool and helpful. The more centralized my social media networks are the easier my social media management life. 

You can also mark comments for follow up:

I couldn’t get a good screen grab of that change (super quick!) but click in that area of the ✅ and you can move comments to the follow up box ?. To get to that box, click on Inbox (top left):

That gives you this drop down:

From there you can navigate between the different boxes (or folders). 

I’m not exactly sure why I would ever mark a comment for follow up as opposed to responding now. But it’s an option.

Step 1 to get this inbox is to make sure your Instagram account is a business account and link it to your Facebook Page. This article explains how to do that.

Once that’s done you can use this function. Have you tried it and is it worth it? Drop me an email here.