How to increase and implement trust with your social media agency

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Social media is really about relevance of content, speed and appropriateness of response nowadays. If we share things that are of no interest to our audiences it will not work and we will be hard pressed to see any social media success, leave alone business success.

But there are some ways to speed up the journey to being successful on social media. One is through trust

I’ve always understood and known the importance of trust and that it builds  relationships over time. It also can help us be more successful in our storytelling on social media and probably other off-line channels as well. But I’ll focus mostly on social media here.
The topic really bubbled up when clients started asking me if I could just run their social media account completely:

Here are the keys to the network, go ahead and run it. Do what’s best for the business and make sure the audience gets what it needs to help us be successful. 
Now that kind of statement needs some trust. Typically it’s not built overnight, and I wonder what would happen if I recommend that to a completely new client. It likely wouldn’t be our first way of engagement. First, there are more approvals, then there are fewer and at some point we might be able to really minimize the approval cycle, which of course can help us be very nimble in the content production.


Who should actually run social media?

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And obviously I would never post any new content or a response to an audience member’s question that is inappropriate for a specific business. If I can’t answer a question when someone makes a complaint that I can’t respond to, I will immediately respond to them that the message has been received and then also send it on to the right person with the information.

So how do you build trust? Here are some ideas:

  • Start with a phased approach and get used to each other.
  • Work closely together early on and then allow more space as trust builds. 

  • Watch what the agency is saying online as well. Are they behaving in a socially relevant and conscious manner?  
  • Have they done this before? Ask other relevant references to see how the project works with them.

Establish the, shall we call them, rules. When people are talking to your brand let the agency know what kind of responses you want to be made aware of. Keep in mind that some brands get a lot of responses and you’d likely will not want to see them all, just specific ones that fit a specific criteria.


Instagram Stories delete after 24 hours but is that privacy? 

Don’t get stuck in approval hell

It’s doable and it can help us make workflows more efficient. It’s great to see when clients first ask about this offering. Of course I can do it, but it just means so much more coming from others asking for it versus me offering it. It means there’s trust.

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