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How to get reviews for your book!

Christoph Trappe

July 7, 2017


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Reviews of our products online matter. So much that many businesses go out and encourage and solicit them.

I do too. When somebody buys one of my books and I know they did, I will often follow up and ask them to consider posting a review. Some of them do!

Get a copy of one of my books here.

In summer 2017, I ran across a new tactic:

  • Book is almost done 
  • Search for similar books or books mentioned in your book
  • See who left a positive review of those books 
  • Contact those reviewers

Hello, Christoph. We noticed you left a review for <that other book>. Would you be interested in getting a complimentary copy of <insert own book>? We thought you might be interested in it. Once finished we would be happy if you consider a review.

I’ve gotten a number of these emails this summer and often the books are highly relevant to me and even my blog readers. I usually agree to take a look. I never promise a positive or any review.

But so far, all books have been interesting. And they were free! And they gave me something to blog about. (See this post.)

Now, since they came free, I believe that under FTC guidelines  I have to disclose that. No problem!

But it’s really a brilliant strategy and one I hadn’t thought of. Of course, sending out these copies is a marketing expense but if a publisher can get just 30-50 more reviews from that target audience that are positive, I would say it’s worth it. 

Also, some of us have blogs and we might even blog about the book. That’s another avenue of promotion. I usually end up blogging about it one way or another. 

I hadn’t run across this tactic before so I assume it’s new – at least it’s new to me. The beauty of digital marketing is that only our imagination limits what’s possible. And as long as it’s also good for the consumer I’m all for new and innovative tactics like this one. 

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Christoph Trappe

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