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How to easily book meetings with people in other time zones

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Working with content marketing strategists around the globe also requires me to often set up meetings with people in other times zones.

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Crossing time zones to book meetings, of course, can create confusion. Did they mean in their own time zone or did they mean my time zone? Do they even know or care what time zone I'm in? Ha!

I remember a few years ago when it was even difficult to schedule a meeting with somebody in the east coast time zone, which is just one hour different from the central time zone, which is where I am located.

So today here's my system to make sure I align calendars correctly. Dare I call it a hack? 🤔😱😂

The by far easiest way is to use a tool called Calendly. The software allows you to send people the link to see open times on your calendar and they can book a time slot with you:

It's a super efficient and useful way to get meetings scheduled. The tool even translates your calendar openings to the time zone of the person viewing the page.

Sometimes however some people don't want to use a third-party tool. One time I had somebody reply who said that they are my customer and I just transferred the responsibility of scheduling the follow up meeting with them. Point taken and I'm happy to personally schedule it instead.

So here's how I do that. First of all, I go to my calendar. The specific screenshots and example below is taken from the mobile calendar app on iPhone. But the same concept can be applied to just about any calendar set up – mobile or desktop.

As you can see it's showing the current time for today in the actual time zone that I'm in. So on this day in this case that was central time zone and it's about 8 AM.

To invite somebody on their time zone I start a new meeting invite:

Once I click on the times the calendar tells me what time zone it's currently scheduling in:

When I click on time zone, where it currently says Chicago, I can change the time zone to other parts of the world.

So now what I do is I schedule the meeting at the requested time without inviting the person. That ensures that it puts the meeting on the correct time on my calendar.

As you can see in the screenshot above the 8 AM meeting in Vancouver is at 10 AM my time. But I didn't have to do any math in my head to figure that out and the calendar just put it in the right spot. This of course is especially important and useful when I have other meetings and when I'm scheduling with time zones farther away or less familiar to me.

Once I verified that the meeting is at a time where I can actually meet I will then invite the person to the meeting.

Is this really necessary? Certainly, there are other ways to make sure you have the right time zone when you schedule a meeting. There are tools online, you can do the math in your head and maybe you could put different clocks on your office wall. But for me this seems to be a simple way to do it and it also allows me to set up meetings while on the go and directly in my calendar.

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