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How to drive website traffic from Instagram Stories 

As you’ve heard me say many times, I think there’s way too much link dumping happening on social media but people share links because people click and social media can drive website traffic.

I’m not changing my conceptual opinion on the matter but this storytelling tactic which requires you to click for the full story by the New York Times on Instagram Stories is worth sharing.

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What’s with all the links on social media!

More on what Instagram Stories are 

Here’s part of the Times’ Instagram Story:

Interesting story already and I swiped through it. I didn’t even notice the “see more” until I got to the final screen:

Read the story here. 

The Times built momentum and made her likable enough in a few pictures and with a few tidbits of the story to want me to know more. Much more effective than the typical one-sentence (clickbait) teaser I often see on Twitter.

I clicked and read. Tell me why they are worried! I had no time but yet I read more. Well done, New York Times. Of course, not just news organizations can use this technique but all content marketers.

But first, you’ll have to get an Instagram business account. (Read here how to do that.)

Business accounts are linked to Facebook pages to be able to link from Instagram Stories. That Facebook page needs to be verified. To request for your Facebook page to be verified follow the steps at this link. Alternatively, some Instagram accounts were previously verified. Bottom line: You can only do this from a verified Instagram account.

Of course, the potential problem with Instagram Stories is that this entire sequence will disappear in 24 hours but they could repost it after a few days if it was effective.

I obviously don’t have access to their numbers but it seemed very effective to me.

Tell a great story on social media >>> cliffhanger >>> click for more

The key here is that the Times gave us something on the social media network. Here’s to great storytelling on Instagram.

Know of other great Instagram Stories uses? Send them to me here. 

As of late 2016, it’s the only way to link from new content within Instagram. Linking from regular pictures isn’t allowed, but one link can be placed in the bio, which is why many post things like this:

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Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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