How to do live audio broadcasts the easy way on Twitter

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Periscope and Twitter now as of late 2018 allow live audio-only broadcasts. That’s kind of cool and I’m surprised no other social media network had offered it yet.

So how do you do it? Periscope is owned by Twitter and has been continuously integrated into the Twitter app. As of this writing live audio broadcasts can be launched from the Periscope app and then can be shared to Twitter. They can also be launched directly from within Twitter – which I assume is what most would do.

So if you don’t have the Periscope or Twitter app head on over to your App Store and download it.

On Periscope

Then log in with your Twitter account.

To start an audio broadcast or a live video click on this.

Then on the next screen set it to enable audio only:

That’s the microphone button. Make sure that’s highlighted. Also the Twitter bird so it gets shared to Twitter.

Once you click Go Live you can start talking. People can leave comments and send hearts.

Interestingly, the audio broadcast still saves as a video file. So you can upload it to YouTube but would have to convert it into an audio format before you can submit or upload as a podcast.

Just like live Periscopes I would recommend including timeless content. You aren’t reading the live traffic report, you know!

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On Twitter

It’s virtually the same process but the interface looks slightly different.

Click on LIVE as you are composing a tweet.

Then make sure the mic is highlighted for audio only.

Click Go Live.

CONTENT STRATEGY: How to do a good live audio broadcast

Pick a topic

Have a rough outline of what you’ll talk about

Be ready to respond to comments. Don’t be disappointed when there are none

It’s really just like a podcast so if you’ve done a podcast, this isn’t new.

Have an introduction, middle and end.

Give people time to show up. So plan on chit chatting with yourself early on.

Plan on at least 10 minutes for the show. Longer seems to be better.

Be yourself. Be human. The best live shows are the ones where people just talk – about a topic, of course.