How to do animations in Instagram Stories

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In Instagram’s ongoing effort to be like Snapchat you now can add animations into your Instagram Stories.

Some screen shots:

Live examples on my Instagram account:

The animations can be cheesy but can also add a bit of a creative touch. They give viewers something else to look at. They are – dare I say – kind of cute.

I usually hate when people tell me a creative project is “cute” but I see the intent within context.

Are these animations necessary? No. But they are kind of cute.

Adding Instagram Stories animations

It’s quite easy to add animation. Take or add the photo you want to use in Instagram.

Click smiley button in the top:

Then search for the term you need an animation for:

You’ll get a number of options and the animations are further down under GIPHY.

Simply click on the one you want and then move it into the location where you want it.

To use the same image – which actually saves as a video – elsewhere, simply save it to your phone and then upload it to other networks.

Should businesses use animations on social media?

Why not? They are kind of fun. There are some I wouldn’t use for my brand but why not live a little bit on the lighter side?