How to do a live audio broadcast with a remote guest on social media?

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You know I’m a fan of audio. It’s easier to pull off (i.e. uploading) than video because of size.

Of course, podcasts are one way to distribute audio. And you can listen to my podcast here.

I’m a fan of having guests on podcasts as well and of my 65 episodes so far more and more are having guests. Some episode are just me blabbing about a topic.

Live audio is another way to distribute audio content and some of my live audio shows have been successful contextually speaking.

I did a show with Michelle Garrett discussing what people should take from all these prediction blog posts. It seems like every organization is publishing a post quoting experts.

What’s your 2020 prediction for:




Predictions matter and are a great educational tool for the audience.

I also did a show with Madelyn Sklar on the latest strategies that work in Twitter.

These have drawn hundreds of listeners so I’m happy about current results. Some things I’ve learned:

  • Make sure the guest is ready to go and knows you are about to go live. A text message can do the trick.
  • Tag them. 1) They’ll see the livestream easier. 2) They are on the show so why not tag them?
  • Use headphones. Or AirPods.
  • Turn this on: Allow guests to join when going live (currently on the far right on the screen). Your guest can easily join and you have to approve them once they do.

Speaking directly into the phone also works but it appears that the connection can be lost when a phone goes to sleep (i.e.: the screen goes dark).

Other than that, make sure you have steady WiFi and keep in mind that there’s no mute button so if you must cough, for example, cover up the mic and cough away from it.

And of course have a plan as always.

Having guests on podcasts is one way to connect yourself and your audience with experts. Doing the same on live Twitter audio is another.

Can you do both at the same time?

Twitter is supposed to save the file to phones but I haven’t gotten that to work in quite a while.

For now the only way for that to work is to:

  • Use one device each for the live broadcast
  • Another device to record the podcast in the Anchor app

Also, don’t be shy about just talking to yourself when one of the guests drops off for a few moments.

Instagram Live has a similar function for live video – but not audio.

Overall, live audio can be a differentiator and with the ease of Twitter why not try it.