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UPDATED: How to add the CONTACT button to your Instagram account in seconds 

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May 9, 2017 update

A reader emailed to ask how you add DIRECTIONS. Here’s how: Click on EDIT PROFILE from your account page. Then CONTACT OPTIONS (see below).

Then click on ADDRESS and add the address that you want people to get directions too:

adding directions on instagram

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May 2, 2017 update

It appears the 2017 layout was short-lived and has reverted to just one button (see July post below). But you can now allow people to text, call or email you. Read below on how to set that up!

April 2017 update The information written below in 2016 is still accurate but the layout has changed just a little bit and Instagram has added another feature.

Here’s how it looks now:

So you now get a “call” and “email” button.  And  alternative to the “call” button  you can get a “text” button, because really who calls without texting first anyway?

Here is how to get it:

Click on “edit profile” then “contact options” and then on your phone number:

There you can pick whether you want that function to allow people to call you or to text you.

Here’s how that looks once it’s set up:

July 2016 post

As of late July 2016, you can  add a contact button to your Instagram account. That’s great news because it makes it so much easier to be contacted by our Instagram community.

Of course, there can be downfalls, too. What if trolls call or email? Block them, would be my answer.

Once you get the contact button you can give people the option to call you, email and even give them directions to your business. Be aware the entered phone number and email are public. 

It takes a few steps for most of us before we get the button. Let me walk you through them. I’ll assume you have a personal Instagram account. You’ll have to switch this to a business account. This function is for businesses.

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Since I often get speaking, training and other business requests through social media, I felt this would be good for my content marketing business.

Step 1 – go to Settings and “Switch to business account.”

Step 2 – Connect the account to the corresponding Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, go set that up first. It’s required.

Step 3 – add phone number, email and address if you have a store or office

Be sure to only add what should be publicly displayed.

That’s all. You are all set. Good luck and I hope this works for your business. If not, it’s easy to switch back to a personal account. Go to SETTINGS and click on “switch back to personal account.”

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Heather Howell shared on Twitter with me on July 29, 2016, that this is not yet available in Canada where she’s located. Thanks for letting me know.

More features that come with a business Instagram account:

You also get Insights with this type of account and can easily promote a post.

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