How ongoing and relevant blogging increases web traffic over time

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Florida Social ConferenceI was running some blog analytics while preparing for my talk at the Florida Social Conference in Miami in July 2015. I should do that more often. ­čÖé

I would highly recommend running historical stats for your blog from time to time – not just for the last 30 days or to see what today’s top posts were. Take a look at how things have ramped up (or maybe not) since the initial launch.

Usually, what I’ve seen is that when we share blog content on an ongoing basis (at least once a week) and make sure it’s relevant, unique and maybe even inspiring from time to time, traffic (some might call it engagement) will go up.

Additionally, distributing and reformatting it for the different social media networks also helps with engagement there and on the blog.  More and more people will read, engage with you there and at some point even click over (and maybe subscribe) to your blog.

As I was looking at my blog’s numbers since I first launched this content ┬ámarketing site in late 2013, I was glad to see this upward trend:

blog growth





referrals to authentic storytelling blog

I was looking at numbers in preparation for a conference talk. My Florida Social Conference talk is about using social media as more than just a link dump. Each network/channel should be used as its own and not just to deliver people to another channel.

I believe in the Create Once, Publish Everywhere approach with the blog being the center piece. For many reasons:

  • We own our blogs and the content on them.
  • Helps with search engine optimization (if it’s on your main site, even better)
  • You can actually spend some time formulating a thought. Longer posts perform better, too. As much as I love Twitter, it doesn’t give you the chance to dive a little deeper. That’s possible with a blog post. Even 400 words is deeper than a tweet.
  • Blog posts are much easier to search for and find later on. Yes, tweets and other social media networks can be searched, too, but it can be a bit harder than a WordPress site search.

Metrics are great. Looking at them is key. Sometimes short term data is helpful, but personally I like a bit more of a historical look.

All of our blogs start with zero readers. How far have we come? It’s great to see progress.

At the Florida conference I will ask attendees to join me in pledging to do more on social media than just dump links. If you want to take the pledge, here it is for you:

Thank you!

Setting up Google Analytics in WordPress

Setting up Google Analytics in WordPress is easy. (This site runs on WordPress.)

  • Visit Google Analytics here
  • Sign up for an account or use your existing Google account.
  • Add your website.
  • In the Plugin sections on your WordPress dashboard, download the Google Analytics plugin.
  • Enter your Google Analytics number to the plugin.

Easy breezy.

Need help with the set-up? Contact me here.