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How many great storytellers have taken other jobs instead?

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Authentic storytelling in theory isn’t that hard to do. But telling an engaging story that people actually want to read can be a lot harder.

Certainly, we can learn many of the skills needed to tell great and relevant stories. They are entire journalism majors sculpted around the art of storytelling. Journalism, creative writing and even communications come to mind. All have different focuses but hit some of the main skill sets needed for authentic storytelling.

Recently, I started wondering how many potential storytelling rock stars ended up pursuing other career opportunities. They are probably some. Maybe many. I hope not thousands or even more than that. But how would I know for sure? Yikes.

I do know this: I’ve run across natural authentic storytellers all the time. In many fields:

  • Healthcare
  • Customer service
  • Computing
  • Training
  • And others

Some of these people have started to blog or are active on social media – so in essence they are sharing their authentic stories, which is great.

This leads me to wonder how we even decide which career path to follow. Is it mostly about what we stumble into? What our parents tell us to do, maybe? It certainly was kind of a stumble in my case.

In the 1990s, as an 11-year-old boy, I was lifting weight at a gym in Germany where I ran into another lifter who had the best stories. I inquired: “How do you know all these things?”

Turns out that he was a journalist and it was his job to find and then tell great stories. Awesome! That sounded like something that I would want to do. I kind of stumbled into it. What if I had stumbled into a different path? Who knew if I had been nearly as successful at it.

For all the authentic storytellers out there, whether you are doing it as a full-time gig or “stumbled into” doing a blog never stop telling stories. Especially one with stories that people want to consume, ones that enlighten, inspire hope and share knowledge. If you haven’t started, it’s never too late to get going now.

Christoph Trappe

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