How can my brand page use LinkedIn Stories?

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A few weeks after LinkedIn rolled out LinkedIn Stories, my brand pages finally got access to LinkedIn Stories. How do you know if your pages have access?

Simple. Go your LinkedIn feed and your pages will show up in the LinkedIn Stories bar and have the plus sign on the logo. Remember that you have to be on your mobile device and in the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn Stories does not work on desktop.

From there you can add Stories to the brand pages and use some of the strategies shared below (which was first published in late September 2020, right after LinkedIn Stories came out.)

How long can my LinkedIn Stories videos be and how do I upload them?

LinkedIn Stories rolled out in late September 2020 and are very similar to Instagram Stories. Of course, the two networks are very different in most content strategies.

On Instagram Stories, I post family pictures, some professional things, gym animations and other things that are personal and sometimes, but less so, professional.

On LinkedIn, I keep it mostly on the professional side for content. So the COPE strategy as in using Instagram Stories as LinkedIn Stories may not necessarily always apply.

That’s something to keep in mind, but for now, let’s dive into some of the basics and early details of this new rollout.

Why am I not seeing LinkedIn Stories?

As of this writing, it appears that LinkedIn Stories is available in the mobile apps. I see it in the iPad and iPhone LinkedIn apps, but it’s not showing on desktop or even browsers on mobile.

Can brands use LinkedIn Stories?

It appears so that it’s being rolled out to brands, but none of the brand pages that I have access to have it yet. Remember, phased roll outs are nothing new. Example: LinkedIn Live and Instagram Live.

How to upload content to LinkedIn Stories

There are basically two ways:

  • Upload content from your device’s media library. This could be in the form of videos or pictures
  • Capture content live

How long can my LinkedIn Stories video be?

LinkedIn Stories can be 20 secondsTwenty seconds. On Instagram Stories, you can upload longer videos and they are just hacked apart as new clips that are then displayed continuously. That doesn’t seem to work that way on LinkedIn right now and you have to upload either one clip at a time for 20 seconds at a time or record, stop, upload, record, stop, upload, etc.

How to upload video

From within the app and the Stories bar (top of the page), click on your profile’s plus sign (just like Instagram) and then click on the image (1).

Uploading a video to LinkedIn Stories

Then find a video under 20 seconds in your camera roll and upload it. If your video is over 20 seconds, you’ll get the warning displayed above.

How to record a video

Instead of pushing the image, you click and hold the circle (2). It will start counting down to let you know how much time is left:

20 second countdown

Then you simply publish.

Will people use LinkedIn Stories?

It depends on what brands and connections post there. I’m also interested in seeing if we might see a case of Irrational Loyalty of Instagram fans out there. I love Instagram Stories and Reels. Will I use LinkedIn Stories in the same way just for a different purpose and with a different content tilt? We will see.

I certainly will try to post some content there that I think the my communities might appreciate.