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How incorrect information on your website can lose you customers

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It’s a long weekend in the United States with Independence Day on a Monday in 2016. With that some businesses have adjusted their hours this weekend to allow employees to spend a bit more time away from work. Good for them, but it’s still important to let customers know about that change. 

Here’s how my experience related to this unfolded:

I asked my wife  to see how long my typical dry cleaner would be  open on the Saturday before the holiday. She googled for their website, of course. 

“For another hour,” she said, looking at their website, which had their hours listed. “We can make that.”

When we got to the store, however, a signed taped to the door said they are closed for the holiday weekend. Good for them, but why not update the website?

So we carried on with other things and I ended up going to a grocery-type store later in be day for some media mailing of my book. I remembered that this store also has dry cleaning, though I had never used them. Why not try it since that dirty laundry was still in my car. I dropped it off and with that my business intended for one place went to another – in part because of the unnecessary experience earlier. I would have never put the dry cleaning in the car had I thought they were closed. Usually they are open. 

Where will I take my dry cleaning from now on? We’ll see how the grocery store’s dry cleaning turns out, but there’s a chance that it could at least get split between the two dry cleaners. 

Updating our websites should always be top of mind. It helps us get and keep customers. Especially when we need to alert them of irregularities in hours, services or anything that affects them. 

Some organizations post these kind of things on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and that’s a good start but not all customers will see them there either. 

I remember the softball league my daughter played in a couple of years ago cancelled a game and they quickly announced it on Twitter, then Facebook, but the website didn’t have the update. 

If website processes are too hard to make updates like this I would recommend a process like this: 

  • Align all channels’ communication 
  • Use a system for your website that is easy to update. I can update this site from my phone through the WordPress app, for example. 
  • Remember that operational changes impact customers. Make sure to communicate them on all channels. 

Keeping our website updated is important and can help with a great customer experience. 

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life!

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