How even people without smartphones are benefiting from smartphones

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People without smartphones still exist even though that can be hard to remember. As usual I am writing this on my smartphone and I know the majority of you guys will be reading it on your smartphones.

I was reminded of this when I was mowing my lawn and a couple in a car pulled up to me to ask for directions.

Ugh. I hate when people ask me for directions. How would I know where every street in whatever kind of radius is from me?

So they pulled up and asked me how to get to some street – one I’ve never heard of. But, of course I had my smart phone in my pocket as I was listening to music through my AirPods.

I simply paused the music and pulled up one of the GPS apps. I typed in the street name that they gave me and told them which way to go even and showed them the map. Obviously, I couldn’t turn over my phone because I still needed that.

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Of course, that’s not the only time non-smart phone people are benefiting from other people having smart phones. Other examples that come to mind:

  • When there is an emergency somewhere without a phone in hand and somebody drives by with a phone. I actually called 911 one time from my Apple Watch. That was kind of interesting because basically you tell Siri to call 911 and then she counts down from five and when she gets to zero she calls 911 and you talk to the dispatcher over the watch.
  • When somebody doesn’t know the answer to a question at dinner for example. In the old days people would debate who knows the answer but today you can just Google for the answer to some question.

There are probably other examples that just don’t come to mind right now because I use my iPhone for everything. Overall, even though there are people that complain about other people using iPhones, there are many benefits to having the device.

What I love about the directions encounter is that those encounters for me in the past decades have been an annoyance. People are looking for help from me because I apparently look like I know where everything is but I don’t. So in years past I would have to send them off without an answer. Today, I can just Google it for them.

Technology can make life easier.