How do you make the same story interesting year after year?

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

There are plenty of organizations out there on what I would call a cyclical storytelling cycle.

Every year at a certain time, the same story has to be retold. It has to because somebody says so and it has been done that way for awhile.

This might be the case for nonprofits that are doing annual fundraising campaigns and organizations that hold annual events or have annual marketing plan cycles.

In theory, the same story could be repeated year after year. This might work for new audiences and if the story doesn’t change.

An already good story remains a good story.

We also don’t have to overthink it and create something just because we think we have to.

But, if you are going on a ride in this cyclical approach, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Give an update
  • Share a new story
  • Involve somebody new who was impacted by you
  • Distribute the story in a different way. Maybe it’s time to retire that print brochure.

The power of new is something we can’t forget about. Share what’s new. If there’s nothing new, maybe we shouldn’t recreate the wheel. Maybe a refresh and then reshare of what already exists will do.