How do I verify my Instagram account and get the blue checkmark?

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

As you’ve read on here before I’m a fan of adding the contact buttons to your Instagram account, which requires a business account.

I’ve had my account setup as a business account for a while and not that many really clicked the buttons from what I could tell.

So why not take the opportunity to switch back to a personal account and see what happens. People can still message me. Plus, google me and there’s 4,424 other ways to contact me.

Go to settings and click switch to personal account.

The settings are hidden by the way. Click on these items with the red arrow to get there:

Once you are in the personal account I also found the request verification button. I’m not sure if that is only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers or what. But if you can apply that’s where it is. If approved your account gets a blue checkmark.

This screen is next:

Who is notable and needs a badge is up to Instagram’s discretion.

I took a picture of my passport but it didn’t upload forever – I assume due to size. So I forwarded the picture to myself using the native iPhone email app. See, it gives me an option to size the image down:

Once saved to my camera roll I was able to upload the smaller image and submit my application, which gets confirmed by this screen:

Twitter used to have a similar process and as mentioned here I find it a good strategy for you marketers and personal brands to apply. The worst that could happen is that you get declined.

So that’s how you apply for the checkmark on Instagram. Did it work for you? Let me know here.