How dating sites can drive traffic through storytelling

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At a 2018 keynote in Portugal an attendee who runs a dating web site asked me about this: How can dating sites use storytelling to drive audience? Is that possible?

Yes. A dating site – like any site really – needs to have lots of relevant traffic to even get to critical mass of members. Good luck finding a date – leave alone a good one – when there isn’t even a big enough pool of potentials.

Of course dating sites that are worth visiting have lots of stories that could be shared:

So and so found their soulmate (or whatever)

Somebody else went on a dream date and had a great time

Somebody else yet started a family and they now have two beautiful children bounce off the walls

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See, there are a bunch of stories right there. Then the site could offer all kinds of educational content:

How to find a great date

How to stop being so picky

How to get out of a crap date

What do to for unusual dates ⬅️ That one could be crowdsourced from members even!

Some of this content could even be geared toward conversion:

Somebody looks for the info on how to go on an unusual date

They read that article

By the way, we can set you up with somebody CLICK HERE. $19.99/month or whatever

Then distribute this content well in email, social media, paid promotions, remarketing campaigns to reach people who visited but didn’t sign up, and so forth.

Don’t forget to check the keywords and see what people are actually searching for when it comes to dating. Depending on what the research shows you might find some additional questions that you can answer in articles.

Of course, dating sites have stories that could be shared. Dating involves people and anything that does involve people has plenty of stories.

Keep in mind that once you share stories and start building a brand, people might also start sharing their negative stories publicly. I wouldn’t let that be a reason to shy away from storytelling but just be aware that good storytelling that is being read leads to good and positive feedback.

An example happened on this same trip actually. I was taking an Uber Black from the conference center to the Lisbon airport. Best Uber ride ever: onboard WiFi, charger and water! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We got to talking and he said that Uber was really unknown in Portugal until – wait for it – the cab ? drivers started protesting Uber coming to the country.

The news covered the protests and with that people knew about Uber. Thanks for the publicity help, cabbies!

Of course, that’s not the result the cabbies wanted and chances are people would have learned about Uber later in a different way anyway. But the law of unintended consequences can be in full swing when we share our stories.

Nonetheless, when done well the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to storytelling and content marketing.

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