How can I stop Facebook ads to show up over and over?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

The reward for liking or interacting with a Facebook ad is that Facebook will keep showing the ad to you over and over. You are welcome. Ha.

To stop the repeats, I wish it was as easy as simply not liking it. It’s not. Due to targeting by some advertisers, the ad can (and likely will) still show up over and over.

Just give up and click it already. LOL. Just kidding. Even that’s not a solution to get it to stop. Here’s how to get rid of annoying Facebook ads that repeat.

Click the little DOWN ARROW at the top right on the ad post. You’ll get these options:

Screenshot is a visual example only and not a judgement on the ad.

There are other options, including: You actually can turn on notifications – which means you will get notified when somebody comments. Probably not something you’d want, but that’s what that is. I do use this function to monitor client ads, actually.

HIDE AD hides the ad from your future newsfeed browsing. It also hides all other similar ads.

The “manage your ad preferences” section made me wonder: Can I turn off all Facebook ads?

The answer is no. You can turn specific ads off, but Facebook just replaces them with something else.

Even their preference section says that. Turning personalization in ads off just sends you less relevant ads.

Advertising on Facebook won’t go away anytime soon, and it likely shouldn’t since it does help organizations share their messages to a wide and often relevant audience. Most everyone is now on Facebook, after all.

But can brands restrict how often a promotion shows up? As far as I can tell, not currently.

Running Facebook promotions is a strategy that works for brands and their customers when done well. It helps businesses find customers that are highly relevant. Since they are highly relevant, the customer also gets something out of it.