How can I set up a LinkedIn email newsletter?

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Since email is not dead LinkedIn is now getting into email newsletter distribution. Smart for them and I think that’s not a terrible idea.

I first noticed this in late 2019 when LinkedIn allowed me to subscribe to newsletters. I wondered how that would work because it wasn’t even asking for my email or anything else. There was just a button to sign up and subscribe. I just assumed that the social media network was passing my email to one of the traditional email providers. Turns out it was a different setup.

Once you subscribe you get an email and a notification on LinkedIn when the authors of the newsletter publish new articles. The notification looks something like this.

Here’s the emailed version:

It’s easy to unsubscribe in the app:

How can you start your own newsletter? Well, currently it’s by invite only as LinkedIn explains here on its support page:

As a newsletter author, you get to write about a professional topic you care about on a regular basis. Members can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates when you publish something new. The most engaging newsletters specifically address a unique topic consistently enough that subscribers look forward to the next article.

Note: Currently becoming a newsletter author is by invite-only. Anyone can discover, subscribe to, read, and share newsletters on LinkedIn.

I personally haven’t been invited to this project but I would expect that it would likely be rolled out to more people down the road.

Mobile creation not possible

The one concern I have is that I can’t create articles from mobile devices. As you may remember I work on my iPad and don’t even have a laptop computer at home.

It sounds like the LinkedIn function works similarly to Jetpack on WordPress.

When you publish a new article on LinkedIn it also triggers the newsletter and you can send up to one newsletter per day.

Of course, LinkedIn already sends email notifications including the Connections in the News newsletter. In theory this is an extension of services that makes sense.

How to prevent LinkedIn connections from seeing my mentions in the news

Quick bonus content here that I just ran across the other day. If you don’t want your connections to see when you’re mentioned in the news you can simply turn that feature off for personal accounts. I don’t believe this is possible for company accounts.

Simply go to your settings and under privacy.

Then toggle the switch to know if you don’t want your connections to see your news mentions. I personally have mine turned on. I will likely regret it if I get negative media attention and it shows up in people’s feed.

It’ll be interesting to see how the email distribution through LinkedIn articles will evolve and I certainly will try it once I get it.

It’s certainly another way to try to get your content in front of people.

What content to use?

You could even try to use older blog posts that are still evergreen and re-purpose them in this way and see how they perform when they are emailed out.

Just be sure you put a note at the bottom saying the article was originally published on your blog and on what date. That’s usually a best search engine optimization best practice.

You might also consider publishing highly original content though I would still lean towards using full stories on your company website and then using them as a secondary distribution channel on LinkedIn.

Another idea might be to do a roundup post of articles from the last week or last month and just link to them from your LinkedIn article.

That newsletter would then be of the style of more traditional newsletters that link to articles from headlines.

Per LinkedIn’s guidance – and I agree – just be sure it circles around the topic you declared the newsletter to be about.

These are just a few ideas after a couple minutes of brainstorming and certainly you can come up with others as your team thinks about the value and potential return using this strategy once it’s available.