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How and why to use the Twitter mute button

Christoph Trappe

February 19, 2016

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Twitter allows you to block and unfollow people that aren’t of interest to you or that are annoying. But there’s also a third option: The mute button. 

I usually mute people before I unfollow them and I unfollow before blocking. 

Blocking people 

When you block somebody they can’t see your updates and you can’t see theirs anywhere. The blocked user can see that they are blocked. 


Unfollowing means you won’t see their posts in your timeline but they also might unfollow you. They can see that you don’t follow them. 

Muting somebody on Twitter 

This means that you continue following them but you won’t see their Tweets. They can still see yours. As far as I can tell, they cannot tell that you muted them and they see that you still follow them.

Here’s how you mute somebody on Twitter. The screenshots are from the Twitter iPhone app but it works similarly on desktop as well. 

Go to their profile and click on that Settings wheel. 

A list of options pops up. Click Mute.   

They stay muted until you unmute them. You can do that by going back to this screen or by going to their profile page and clicking Unmute.

unmuting somebody on twitter 
So that’s how you use this function. Hope you don’t have to use it much. 

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