Hotel shows how to respond to Facebook review

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I spent some time in Cape Cod for a meeting and the stay was great. I learned a lot and enjoyed the beach as well.

Unfortunately when my room was cleaned my ziploc bag was misplaced. I need the bag to transport toiletries – including my razor – through security at the airport. The hotel staff was pretty helpful and I did end up getting a new bag from them. Thank you.

The hotel’s social media monitoring was great and is worth mentioning. I left a three-star review on Facebook and mentioned the situation.

Within minutes, the hotel responded and asked to help. Well done and it’s great to see timely social media participation.

Of course, I felt obligated to share all events.

Overall, a nice stay and I would recommend this hotel. A hotel representative followed up by email later to let me know that he’ll let staff know about this to prevent future repeats.