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book nowThis keynote, which can also be converted to a longer workshop, is specifically designed for human resource conferences and usually most of interest to executives and managers.

Talk description:

Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-term success in recruiting and retainment

Christoph Trappe, keynote content marketing speakerEveryone is now talking about brand advocacy, social media, etc. etc. The buzzwords are buzzing. And certainly, organizations that have great cultures and share their authentic stories can recruit and keep great talent as we are moving into the Participation Age together.

While this sounds easy to do, it’s actually much harder to implement. The bigger the organization, the harder it usually gets.

Author and global storytelling expert Christoph Trappe will inspire you to get started tomorrow and if you already have started will let you know how to take it up a notch. He’s heard all the common barriers and found solutions to many. This session will share his tips and tricks and get you on the track for long-term relevancy through authentic storytelling.

  • Objectives:
    Understanding of why storytelling is important and what it actually is. (Hint: It’s not marketing)
    Understanding of the common barriers and how to overcome them
    Understanding of next steps necessary to get going.
    The inspiration to get going.

More about the presenter, Christoph Trappe, The Authentic Storyteller.

Christoph’s rates:

US$3,000-US$6,000 in the United States and Canada (includes travel cost)

US$13,000-US$35,000 internationally (outside of North America. Includes travel cost)

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