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I’ve spoken at conferences around the globe and would be happy to consider speaking at your event. (Pricing at the bottom of this page.)
My keynotes and hands-on workshops focus around the art and science of authentic storytelling to set you up for long-term success. As I often mention on my blog, I believe that it’s super important for us to move beyond transactional relationships. We can do that by sharing our own authentic stories (that applies to organizations and people) and build long-lasting, meaningful relationshas seips. Those also lead to business success, by the way.

A sampling of speaking stops: Atlanta, Barcelona, Billings, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Iowa City, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mumbai, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Peoria, Reno, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sioux City, St. Louis and Toronto among others.

I’ve spoken at conferences for:

  • Accountants
  • Bloggers
  • Event planners
  • Healthcare executives and staff
  • Marketers, content marketers and social media teams
  • Nonprofit teams
    Pharmaceutical companies
  • Volunteers
  • Writers
  • Young professionals

My topic of authentic storytelling and related topics easily applies to many verticals.

From Meetings Today: How to pick better speakers

I’m currently accepting additional requests for 2018 keynotes, workshops and book signings.


NEW IN 2018: How brands can work with influencers in the most meaningful way!

Talk No. 1: How to create content that hits the zone of mutual relevance for maximum impact for everyone

Read my blog post on the topic here.

Book me here.

Talk No. 2: How to turn your blog into a book. My first book on authentic storytelling was completely based on my blog. This keynote or workshop shares why to do this, how to do it and then how to promote it.

Book me here.

Talk No. 3: How to pick the right tools for your content strategy and content marketing plan.

Talk No. 4: WordPress tools that help you grow your audience 

My sessions are educational, informative but I also know that attendees want to be entertained. I treat my presentations as performances and customize them for each audience.

Fill out this form now to request a quote for your event:


Unfortunately, I can’t be flying around the world for free. I’m sure you understand. My pricing typically starts at US$4,500, but is negotiable, especially if you buy books for attendees. Looking forward to hearing from you and your offer.

book cover cropMy top-rated and most requested keynote, is also in line with my book:

Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-term Success

Objectives of this session, which can be presented as a keynote and modified as a workshop, which includes my six steps to get started:

  • Understanding of why storytelling is important and what it actually is. (Hint: It’s not marketing)
  • Understanding of the common barriers and how to overcome them
  • Understanding of next steps necessary to get going.
  • The inspiration to get going.

book nowHere’s a short clip to give you a taste of my style and content:

My authentic storytelling keynote given in Mumbai, India, in 2015:

My six steps to telling better stories talk:

Other popular keynotes and sessions include:

Ultimately, all of my sessions come back to the art of authentic storytelling and why and how you’ll want to implement this important strategy.



Authentic Storytelling

5 5 1

Authentic Storytelling

5 5 1
Christoph is a great speaker. He walks his talk, delivering a lot of stories.

really interesting

5 5 1
very inspiring talk – lots of insight – and no need to ever be nervous again about speaking in German!

Authentic Storytelling

5 5 1
It was a pleasure to listen to the talk from Christoph! Hope to listen to him again.
Christoph was a great presenter and shared his stories as well.

5 5 1
Chris is a fun and energetic speaker. Loved the class and I learned a lot.

5 5 1
Good ideas for entrepreneurs.

5 5 1
He was personable and I enjoyed that he didn't use PowerPoint. He was able to get his point across and float around the room.

ePharma Summit keynote

5 5 1
Christoph is an extremely knowledgeable marketer and storyteller and a very engaging presenter. I've carried away many actionable insights.

Best Session at Wordcamp Pittsburgh

5 5 1
Attended your 7 steps to get on a blogging schedule session at Wordcamp Pittsburgh. Was impressed by your strategies, and your presentation skills. Appreciate your suggestion of the tools that work, like socialioomph for example.

Superb advice at WordCamp Pittsburgh!

5 5 1
Christoph's step by step advice to jump starting the timid into action was very effective. His advice was straightforward and easy to implement. Kudos for his ability to instill confidence to those who want their stories told.

Sao Paulo keynote

5 5 1
Very interesting lecture about storytelling, communication is essencial in healthcare.
Very positive motivational lecture that changed my view on the matter.

Medical terms are useless

5 5 1
As I've been hearing and speaking medical terms since I started my medical graduation It's some hard to take them off my vocabulary. Chris Trappe has achieved my subconscious (my mind and heart) with his presentation.


5 5 1
I wish he had more time to speak. Great presentation. Hope to have CT back in Brazil soon!


5 5 1
Cristopher's lecture was simply awesome. He really knows how to entertain the public and teach some of his advertising knowledge.

São Paulo

5 5 1
We went in three participants and both enjoyed it very much. It was gratifying to have you with us. It was enlightening, quite practical and direct. Congratulations!

Great talk!

5 5 1
Very nice talk, direct to the point I wanted to know. I am going to use everything I learned with you in my talks. Thanks!

Berlin Sports Conference

5 5 1
To be honest I was thrilled by your presentation - congrats for this performance.

Visit Koenigsfilm

4 5 1
Hi Christoph! Thank you again for taking the time to visit and sharing your knowledge! I would really love to take part in one of your intensive workshops and pick your brain on a lot of details you could just roughly touch this time. 🙂

4 5 1
Great talk on storytelling including relevant examples. The presence of the presenter was great and was very uplifting to listen to the presentation. Great way to present a relevant topic for not only a particular industry, but for all.

Interesting, useful & engaging talk

4 5 1
Christoph presented to our group, a group of 35 young events industry professionals from around the world, at the ICCA/ibtm Forum for Young Professionals in Barcelona in November 2016. The advice Christoph provided was inspiring and provided a lot of food for thought for how we want to market ourselves going forward, both within our roles in the workplace, as well as individuals trying to set themselves apart in a competitive industry. We were lucky enough to receive a copy of his latest book, and I look forward to reading this and taking his advice on board.

4 5 1
Very direct. Good examples. Relevant!

Winning with content

4 5 1
Christoph shared some great insights on content marketing and storytelling with the Triangle Marketing club. Relevant and actionable info, delivered in an engaging and fun manner!

4 5 1

3 5 1
Would've liked to see something visual.

Triangle Marketing Club Meetup

3 5 1
Good meeting you & hearing your talk at Triangle Marketing Club Meetup this week. Thanks for making the trip. I took notes & came away with some ideas, so it was time well spent (sorry about the "Go Cyclones" heckle). I was kinda disappointed though. You talked more to applying stories as content than to what I think is the true value proposition of using stories ("Our brains are wired for stories" - Dan Roam, "Back of the Napkin"). Also you talked about resolving conflict, but missed positioning the basic premise of story arc. (I came up with an acronym I like to use - STORY - Situation (backstory), Trouble (conflict), Obstacles Overcome (conflict resolution), Results (why the world is now a better place), and You (What's in it for you - why are you telling me this story). You had some anecdotes, but more stories would have been nice. (Do you follow Andy Goodman - "Good stories for a good cause")? You're a good presenter Christoph, but to me the slides were your pitch deck for ScribbleLive without the company branding: content workflow, not the art of the story. I did thousands (really) of presentations, especially EBCs at Cisco, so I can feel comfortable making that observation. In the end no two people write the same story - and no two people will tell it the same way. I hope you take my comments as positive, because I did enjoy hearing you speak. Best of luck to you Christoph. Regards, Doug

feedback from Montana keynote“Christoph was a great presenter and shared his stories as well.”

“Christoph is a great speaker. He walks his talk, delivering a lot of stories.”

“Very inspiring talk – lots of insight – and no need to ever be nervous again about speaking in German!” More on me giving my first talk in German here.

‘Interactive and informative.”

“Great speaker, great information, lots of energy.’

“Speaker was very good and knew content well.”

“Very knowledgeable speaker.”

“Christoph did a great job. He clearly is experienced in this topic and was very helpful. Loved the worksheet he provided to help us walk out of the session with a game plan. So helpful!”

“Very clear and pointed about how social media is another career tool that can be used to market yourself.”

“Christoph did a great job. He clearly is experienced in this topic and was very helpful. Loved the worksheet he provided to help us walk out of the session with a game plan. So helpful!”

“Very clear and pointed about how social media is another career tool that can be used to market yourself.”

On the flipside, here’s a Periscope of me sharing some of the not so positive feedback I’ve received






The negative feedback!

For full transparency, while I usually get very positive ratings and feedback, I also receive negative comments. You can read an entire blog on those here and even watch a video where I share them!

As seen at:



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Your investment

I’m happy to discuss your needs and budget. In general:

  • Engagements in the United States start at US$5,000.
  • International engagements start at US$13,000.

I offer keynote presentations, breakout sessions and also hands-on training for attendees.

book nowMore headlines from my blog:

speaking at content marketing world 2015PODCAST: It’s OK to share your knowledge publicly online

Telling an organization’s story through plain English and in your own words

Good stories have automatic details

How to talk to the masses but make it feel like personal conversation

More feedback from Twitter:

Just push the Publish button already! Make it a habit. If not, it will not happen. @CTrappe#wcdfw

“Stories we relate to bring out emotion.” @CTrappe#AuthenticStorytelling#wcdfw

Sooooooooooo nice to see money NOT being the reason for doing something online. @CTrappe at

@CTrappe using authentic storytelling to teach us about Authentic Storytelling #WCDFW

Good line from @CTrappe at #wcdfw: ‘my six year old doesn’t ask me to read her content at night. She asks for a story.’

Know your audiences interests / problems . Use google trends to find topics to write valuable content. #WCDFW .@CTrappe

“Never ever rant online. Turn it into a story. ” Good advice! @CTrappe#wcdfw

.@CTrappe is live tweeting his talk, but he’s not holding a phone. #magic#wcdfw

Good to hear @CTrappe at #wcdfw and how to incorporate storytelling into our blogging

@CTrappe appreciate your preso today. Gave me some direction I’ve needed for my site! #wcdfw

Since you scrolled this far down, here’s another video you can watch:

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life! Some articles may include affiliate links.

My Authentic Storytelling Book

book cover crop

"Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-term Success" discusses why you, your organization and anyone really should consider sharing authentic stories with each other ... READ MORE


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