Hiding information and knowledge doesn’t make it more powerful

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hiding information doesn't make it more valuableJust because somebody knows what somebody else is going to do, doesn’t mean that they can replicate or stop it.

The same is true with ideas. I’ve had ideas that could become a great product or service. You’ve probably had, too. But just because we have an idea doesn’t mean that we can implement the idea. Though it can feel bad when somebody else implement “your” idea.

In general, when it comes to the Participation Age, sharing can help us all.

And really, if somebody else can move our ideas forward, we should congratulate them. And ask for lessons learned.

Just because I’m holding on to my ideas, because I don’t want somebody else to steal them, that doesn’t mean that somebody else won’t have the exact same idea from mine on their own either.

I talk freely about content marketing and authentic storytelling techniques and here’s why:

  • It gives me the chance to be viewed as a thought leader.
  • I can’t possibly be hired by everyone who needs help with content marketing and story. But being public does help me with work for hire!
  • It’s actually a form of marketing.
  • It helps me connect with others interested in the things I’m interested in.
  • Sharing ideas publicly actually helps articulate them and evolve them into meaningful projects.

I’ve talked about authentic storytelling in content marketing for years now and have trained hundreds of people who are interested in the concept. Many have stayed in touch and have taken on the art of authentic storytelling to share their business or personal stories. But there’s still a lot of ground that can be covered for many others out there.

There’s still a lot of inauthentic storytelling going on out there. There are several ways for people to get started (all of them are OK):

There are advantages to all of these options. Some people bounce back and forth between options. That’s fine. The key thing is that as a community we’ll get to the point where we share authentic stories with each other.

If you read my Authentic Storytelling blog here regularly it’s no surprise to you that I freely share my stories and ideas on here. Happy to do it. If you implement any, please send lessons that you’ve learned so we can all learn from them.