Here’s why you are seeing an increase in Twitter direct messages – Twitter is now encouraging people

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In 2017, Twitter shut down automatic direct messages! As a consumer I appreciated that so much! I didn’t have to acknowledge messages I didn’t want to read in the first place.

As a marketer, they kind of worked and I used to send them as well, inviting people to buy one of my books, subscribe to my blog or book me to speak at a conference. Some of those messages even made me money. And then Twitter shut the function off. Oh well, that’s the world we live in.

And recently (August 2019), my Twitter inbox started filling up again. DM overload was back!

dm on twitter automatic

So Twitter is apparently allowing automatic direct messages again and even worse, in my opinion, is now encouraging users to direct message new followers. Here’s what I stumbled upon in my notifications:

Louis Destailleurs just followed you back. Let them know you noticed. SEND A MESSAGE.

Two years ago Twitter didn’t like this strategy and now it’s apparently engagement. If you are noticing an increase again, this is why!

I guess it’s okay since it’s manual. But I’m sure somebody can just write a script to click that button. I unfollowed thousands on Twitter through a script that triggered the button click.

Either way, as a user, I don’t like DMs. Please don’t send them and if you must send them at least try to go beyond thanking me for following you!