Here’s why good design actually matters!

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

This blog is a free WordPress theme that I updated with pictures. I didn’t even change the default colors. It looks fine – to me!

People still read it and according to a recent study it would be one of the top SAAS blogs out there based on traffic. Of course, this isn’t officially a SAAS (Software as a Service) blog but I do work for a SAAS company and many of my topics on here can actually be used by SAAS content marketers.

And while there are enough people and readers who don’t care how it looks and they came here for the content, looks matter. And that’s why it’s important to get a good designer!

I’ll give you some examples:

Years ago I was put in charge of a brand and promptly didn’t notice that four different shades of blue were being used. Few noticed but some did and usually those few are loud!

I ran an event once for a global organization and people loved it but complained about the look of materials.

My PowerPoints are horrendous. Probably why I get help on them! 🙂

So, bottom line: Don’t put me in charge of how something should look. It looks fine to me usually.

I don’t even pick out my own suite and tie when I keynote! “Honey, does this match?” “Nope? This does though.”

And some people will judge all the books by their covers.

So that’s why it’s important from my perspective to have somebody who is good with good looking and functional design.

I personally prefer designers who don’t just ask me what I want! See above. I don’t know. But I prefer the ones who ask good open ended questions that help them leverage their expertise based on my vision, personality, etc.

I still see some projects who lean one way or another: they either have great content and skimp on the design or they have great looks and the content is lame.

Of course, we should strive for both! Great content and great design. I’m certainly guilty of focusing on content and hacking my design.

Is the content great? Depends on what great means! Is it error free? Nope. Is it in depth? Not that often. Does it have photos? Only when I have some good ones. Do people read it? Yes, more than I ever expected.

So is it great? Some of it maybe to some. Is the design great? To many no, but I also have had people mention how much they like the look. So that goes both ways too.

As you are building and growing your organizational content marketing program, it’s certainly something to keep in mind. Find the right balance between look, functionality and content.

And, please know your strengths. Admitting the weaknesses can be a strength, too.