Here’s why Facebook isn’t always good for real-time news

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

Many get their news and updates from posts on Facebook in 2015.

I do the same and enjoy the mix of personal updates from friends and posts from brands and other organizations I follow.

But sometimes timely posts don’t work well, because they don’t show up at the appropriate time. You see, Facebook has an algorithm that aims to show us the most relevant updates to us. Sometimes that might work and other times not so much. I assume that we only notice when it doesn’t.

In January 2015, we had some winter weather in Iowa. With minus 30 degrees (with the wind chill) schools canceled classes and events and activities were cancelled. That included my daughter’s dance class.

I saw the studio’s Facebook update on the day of the cancellations. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Then the next day, they cancelled classes again, I thought because of this post below, which showed at the top of my news feed.

Facebook post

I even emailed my wife to let her know. I assumed it was today because it was the last item. Turns out it was yesterday’s post and it was showing up because of the way Facebook shows older posts.

Now brands could try avoiding words like “today” or “tomorrow” but wouldn’t it be easier if Facebook could just show us timely posts only when they are actually relevant.

In the meantime, brands should remember that Facebook isn’t like Twitter and live broadcasting on Facebook like some live Tweet on Twitter might not be the best idea.

Needless to say, please continue posting relevant, timely and urgent information anyway.