Here’s the No. 1 Actionable Step for your digital marketing strategy!

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

“Please give me some actionable steps” is what many out there in the digital marketing world demand from their trainers and consultants. 

What are the steps? What’s the process? 

Okay, sure. Here it is:

<Insert process>

(Insert gap in time music)

On screen lower third graphic: Three months later.

(Trainer from three months earlier enters room.)

Trainer: “How is the project going?”

Other person: “Oh, we had to stop doing that. Those steps you gave us were not actionable.”

<Narrator remembers that this is a blog and not a video production. ???>

The only steps they took were back to their desks and into the arms of the status quo. It was quickly determined that the steps weren’t actionable. 

Often that’s not true that presented actionable steps aren’t implementable. They are, but the reality of things is that actionable steps are easier said than taken. 

That’s why there are talkers, doers and talkers who can also do. 

The doers can implement actionable steps from a talker, but a talker can’t implement on their own usually.

So how do you actually take actionable steps? It’s quite easy in theory. Here are your actionable steps:

  • Make the decision to do it! 
  • Commit 
  • Set long and short-term goals 
  • Allocate people to work on the project and give them time 
  • Adjust process and keep aiming for your goals
  • Give it a reasonable amount of time and see if it worked based on the goals set earlier

Another thing to remember as well is that just because we intellectually understand the steps, doesn’t mean that we can take them. 

We might still need help from that trainer – either through actual doing or ongoing guidance. 

The sharing of the steps (or plan) is easy. The doing is harder and then reaching the goals can be harder yet. 

But when it works it can be magic. You just have to take those steps – one at a time. 

And no hiding behind excuses why the steps can’t be taken.