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7 Years Worth of Halloween Costume Ideas for Marketers (with pictures)

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I don’t go too wild for Halloween but I have worn or at least attempted to wear a marketing-related “costume” since 2012. Here are pictures.

For 2018, I am planning on going as a display ad. ESP Three in Cedar Rapids took one of my actual digital display ads and printed it at a really good size. Here are two pictures to give an idea of size:

My original idea was to cut out the face and then I could stick my actual face through there to really go as a display ad.

What do you think? Should I do that? Drop me a note here.

My 2017 costume came a bit early. I currently work at home so people can only see it online anyway. My idea was to go as a ghostwriter this year. I tried a homemade costume but really it was a good effort but I (or anyone) wouldn’t be able to wear it for any amount of time. I do think the 3-year-old enjoyed it. Here I’m “interviewing” her. ⬇️⬇️

Unless you want to cut holes in an otherwise good bed sheet I’d probably recommend buying a ghost costume on Amazon.

Side story: Yes, it’s totally okay to have a ghostwriter but they have to talk to the person the writer is ghostwriting for.

Click the photo to buy the hat. (Affiliate link, which means I get compensated if you buy it.)

16, I decided to spend less money than in previous years and went as White Hat SEO. I bought that hat on Amazon for under $10 (affiliate link) and called it good this year.

In 2015, I was going to go as a hashtag, but actually ended up being out of the country on Halloween. I had already bought the costume before my trip was planned. (You can buy that costume here. – also an affiliate link to Amazon.)

hashtag halloween costume for content marketers
Click on the photo to buy this costume for next year. (Affiliate link, which means I get paid a little if you buy it on Amazon.)

You can buy this costume on Amazon here. The next two were custom printed in Cedar Rapids, so you can’t order them online – as far as I know:

A/B testing (2014)AB testing costume.The Brand Police (2013)halloween costumes for marketers: brand policeWebsite error – Path to costume not found (2012)This one is still available on Amazon. 

halloween costumes for marketers: 404
Click on the image to buy this on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

Did you have a cool marketing-related costume? Tweet me a picture and I might add it to this post.

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