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Google Voice is a service offered by Google that allows users to sign up for a Google Voice number in their area code. Google allows users to forward calls to the number to a number of other phones and Gmail users can answer calls directly in their Inbox on their computers.

From a storytelling and content gathering perspective Google Voice can also be used to gather content through audio recordings.  Incoming calls can be recorded and downloaded as files that can be uploaded to WordPress sites. We’ve used it on this site before to record podcasts where the other person wasn’t near us geographically. To record an incoming phone call on Google Voice, make sure to get the other person’s permission (be aware of other potential laws). Once permission is granted push “4.” A recording will come on and say that “this call is now being recorded.”

Once the call has ended the recording is saved to the person’s Voice inbox and can be downloaded from there. Google also offers an option to embed the audio directly from there. As far as we can tell, that embedded Voice audio player does not work on iPads as of Dec. 30, 2013.