Google Auto Complete Videos: Google rolls out new tool for influencers to answer questions

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Google auto complete videos by superstars have drawn in millions of views on YouTube.

In these videos the celebrities basically answer questions that Google auto complete recommends based on what users are searching for.

Of course the YouTube channel running the videos can make some money through advertising and sponsorships and build an audience.

That’s of course also an opportunity for a Google to roll out a new product. Which is exactly what Google is doing. That’s according to emails I’ve received directly from Google.

The new project is called Cameo by Google.

It’s currently by invitation only and if you accidentally or on purpose download the app you still have to sign up and ask for permission, which is really only granted to celebrities:

Google accidentally invited me- apparently because I have my own knowledge panel due to having written books.

Of course, there’s not many questions I need to answer that people ask about me. People don’t ask:

  • What is Christoph’s net worth?

  • Who is Christoph Trappe married to?
  • Is Christoph Trappe Polish?

For example.

There’s about 100 searches for my name globally per month. That’s not terrible but certainly doesn’t rise to the level of a movie star by any means.

So with this new tool Google will allow celebrities to answer those questions and then the videos show up directly on the Google search results page – that would be my assumption at least.

As Andy Crestodina mention in a recent Business Storytelling Podcast, Google is trying to keep more and more traffic on its own pages. So when your organic search traffic is decreasing that might be one reason.

This could be another play to do that. Stars record their answers on video and people can just watch them directly right there on the Google site. No need to go anywhere else.

The celebrities probably don’t care because it helps with their branding. But whoever is losing traffic because of it will likely care.

And how about marketers?

When Google invited me to the project I was excited because there is a lot of potential for marketers like me.

If I can have my videos show up first for specific questions that my prospects and target audience members ask that can help me and drive business results.

Of course, at the same time I’m also losing a click because if people can’t just watch the video and don’t have to click over to my website how do I convert them?

Prospects being able to watch a video of me can help with branding. For example, some experts come across much better on video or on audio then in their articles.

When I first got the accidental invite I actually thought that was the reason why they invited me to share some of the knowledge I’m sharing here and when it comes to content performance cultures.


So that’s something to think about right now before that’s even rolled out.

What videos can you produce that answers questions and can get you to show up in this project?

Of course you can already put the videos on YouTube so why not start there and then when you get granted access to this new Google project – called Cameo – you are ready to upload some of them there.

While I’m typically not a big fan of talking head videos it seems that Google is encouraging talking head videos here. We will see as usual and consider to keep this in mind as you’re planning your content for the near future. It might be a channel that you can repurpose your video content on relatively easily once it becomes available for more people and not just celebrities.