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Good news is worth sharing

Christoph Trappe

April 13, 2015


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Marion Police in Iowa proved with its April 2015 Facebook post that good news is worth sharing and that people appreciate it.

Here’s what Marion Police posted on Facebook:

We received this information today from a Marion father about an incident last month and wanted to share:

“I want to acknowledge a great act of kindness and superior public service on the part of Officer Davis. My wife and I were traveling out of town on business and my daughter was coming home from her part time job at around midnight. She got a flat tire, the temperature was -2 degrees and she had never changed a tire nor knew how to handle the situation.
She was sitting on the side of the road and Officer Davis asked her what the trouble was and she told him she had a flat tire. Officer Davis changed her tire (in below zero weather) and instructed her how to change it should this ever happen again. He then followed her to put air in the spare tire and instructed her how to drive with the spare tire.

I want you to know how much this father appreciates public servants like Officer Davis. His exemplary service in helping out a young lady in need, on a terribly cold night, is a fine example of the quality of public service we get in Marion, Iowa. Please extend my deepest gratitude to Officer Davis and the Marion Police Department.”

Great job Officer Davis!

In just a few hours, the post was liked more than 800 times and shared 40-plus times.

This person’s comment summarized it nicely:

It’s nice to hear the positives instead of always reporting on the negative. There are so many more wonderful officers out there like him and unfortunately we only hear about the questionable ones in the news.

This is a great reminder of the abundance of stories that are around us. Whether it’s a positive law enforcement, healthcare or lawn care worker story, there are positive stories that happen and that are worth sharing. All the time. We just need to spot them and then share them publicly. It’s easy enough today with social media and blogs. Marion Police could have easily filed the note away after sharing it with Officer Davis and maybe the chief.

But instead, somebody took the opportunity to share it with a wider community by:

  • Recognizing that this story is worth sharing.
  • Taking the initiative and actually sharing it publicly.

This is much easier said than done. Recognizing stories can be hard and we can glance over them in our daily rush to get things done and checked off our lists. And even when stories are spotted, we might get lost in approval hell. Somebody somewhere might find a reason why something shouldn’t be published. Somebody – one person perhaps – might have a negative comment to offer.

Also 10 or 15 years ago, the only way for police departments (or any organization really) to get stories like this shared would have been by pitching it to the local media. Some reporter may consider it or more likely would have said: “Oh, good story, but we don’t cover things like this.” And that would have been that. Stories happened but were not told.

It’s great to see that the Marion Police Department continues to take the initiative and shares stories as they happen.

We can all learn from this and remember to share our stories – including positive ones!


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