[Good marketing] Thumbs up to ring finger giving divorce billboard in Albany

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A billboard in New York was raising eyebrows.

At first glance it does kind of look like it’s giving passing motorists the middle finger. But it’s the ring finger – ring still on it for now.

Slight story flaw: In North America wedding rings usually are worn on the left hand and that appears to be a right hand. #nitpicky Probably a left hand but the camera flips it. ?

The divorce company had that billboard offline, obviously. Given that half of US marriages end in divorce their chances were probably good to hit some of their target audience that way.

But then also got media coverage, which was shared wide and afar on social media.

An offline campaign moves online like that! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?

That’s how I first saw it. Other marketers were sharing it.

Marketing is such an interesting area. We want to stand out, but also maybe not too be seen in a negative light.

Digital transformation is similar. Trust me, not everyone will love you. They’ll find something to pick on.

The same applies here to an extent. It appears the company is seeing this as a positive campaign. I would agree. Not everyone will love it/us.

“Let’s get outraged over a middle finger on a billboard.”

“That’s a ring finger. Even has the ring on it.”

“Well, now my eyebrows are raised because of that.”

Given the abundance of terrible billboards this is a great campaign.

  • It is clever.
  • There’s clearly an audience.
  • It draws attention.
  • The price!!!!
  • It got earned media coverage free advertising
  • That led to social media shares around the country – at least

Remember the “controversy” around Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad? It’s was a big debate but raised Nike’s presence and made them money!

I assume the Albany divorce company only works there locally or maybe in the state.

So national social media buzz won’t necessarily lead to more clients. I saw it in Iowa but they don’t do business here, is my guess. Full disclosure: Not in the market for their services at present.

Re: National reach for a local campaign. That’s a question I get often. True, the Iowa reader won’t become a lead, but when stories take off nationally or globally, they usually do the same locally. And companies didn’t spend any money on the additional distribution.

The national lift is usually felt locally too. So ring finger thumb up.

Overall, great campaign. Stay clever, marketers.

“Personal” note: I’m judging the content marketing awards Content Moguls this year: If you are in the JAPAC region, consider entering.?